Climb the corporate ladder or go for entrepreneurship: Find the better option

Climb the corporate ladder or go for entrepreneurship: Find the better option

When it comes to accumulating wealth there are 3 ways to go about it, one is by working for someone else and getting a salary, second way is by investing the money and getting the money to work for you. The last is starting your own business and becoming your own boss.

Among the three ways, the latter two ways are best in order to grow and scale the money. By investing and starting a business you will be able to make money work for you and not the other way round. You will be able to get bigger returns in business than your fixed paycheck when working in a job.

Although this is true, in business you will not get a fixed secured pay. The returns can vary according to your work and sometimes based on the outside conditions. 

The Trap to work for someone else

In jobs, you work for someone else and get a fixed pay. Along with that you spend most of your time travelling and staying at the office. But that is not the case in business as your schedule varies according to the work pressure. In business some days you cannot shift your attention to anywhere else whereas some days you can relax due to less work pressure. This thing cannot be done while on a job. 

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Starting your own Business

If you want to grow your money and construct an empire, then business is the way to go my friend. In business you will be your own boss. Whatever efforts you put in a business, you will only reap the benefits out of it. You will be the sole controller of the organisation and you can take it to new levels as you wish. But in case of losses, that will also have to be dealt by yourself. 

So tread carefully. Think then do. 

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