EU-Funded Migrant Detention Center, Bosnia: Concerns Raised

eu funded migrant detention center, bosnia concerns raised

eu funded migrant detention center, bosnia concerns raised

Oliver Varhelyi, the commissioner for neighbourhood and enlargement of the European Union, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in late November of last year to discuss, according to the Commission, “EU reform priorities” and cooperation, “particularly on migration.”

So , EU-Funded Migrant Detention Center, Bosnia is notable !

Varheyli was present at the signing of an agreement worth 500,000 euros, funded by the EU and involving the Bosnian government and the International Organization for Migration, IOM, to speed up the voluntary and involuntary return of migrants from Bosnia.

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However, he also unveiled a new project worth 500,000 euros for the isolated Lipa Temporary Reception Centre in the Krajina region of northwest Bosnia.
“We need to keep our detention facilities in Lipa and the region under control, meaning that the fake asylum-seekers must be detained until they return to their countries of origin,” Varhelyi said, offering few other details.
Ferdinand Koenig, a spokesman for the European delegation to Bosnia, confirmed that the project calls for building a detention facility “outside” the existing Lipa centre that will be managed by the Bosnian security ministry’s Service for Foreigners. Construction on the facility began in December on a site that was formerly a recreation area for migrants and refugees inside the camp.
Viktor Orban’s government in Hungary, which has referred to refugees and migrants from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa as a threat to “Christian” Europe, nominated Varhelyi for the position of commissioner.

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