Leigh sees campaigners protest against new immigration law

leigh sees campaigners protest against new immigration law

leigh sees campaigners protest against new immigration law

The event held on Saturday was outside Iveagh Hall Conservative Association, Leigh and was organised by All Rise Collective – a group of campaigners mobilising and taking collective action against harmful government policies.

The UK’s Illegal Immigration Bill, which has been criticised by the UN agency for refugees as an effective “asylum ban,” aims to prevent people from claiming asylum in the UK if they arrive through illegal means.

“Out of sight, out of mind” sums up Anna’s policy on refugees, according to Stephanie Golder of All Rise Collective. She opposes providing those kids with a safe way to enter this nation even though she doesn’t want to see any more kids drown in the English Channel ” Why do we punish kids for the decisions made by adults? Giving gangs appropriate legal routes to travel is the only way to stop them. It is shameful that Anna brought up the plight of the homeless when, in reality, her own party’s decision to not provide housing for them has nothing to do with refugees. Her claim that “criminals” are pushing veterans to the back of the housing line is completely unsupported by the facts, as former service members in Southend are given priority.

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“The Tories have devised 43 plans to stop small boat crossings, but they have all failed. We end up with more kids dead in the Channel rather than making a dent in gangs’ profits ” When it comes time to cast our votes, we won’t forget Anna’s callousness. “The amount the government lost due to Track and Trace and shady PPE contracts couldn’t be covered by giving a million pounds to each person arriving by small boat. Let’s resist the Tories’ cruel culture war campaign of “divide and rule.”

“I welcome the fact that the Government is taking a clear stand against illegal immigration to stop the boats, break the vile, people-smuggling gangs’ economic model, and save lives,” said Anna Firth, a Tory member of parliament for Southend West.

This nation has an excellent points-based immigration system and a proud tradition of welcoming the most vulnerable. Through family resettlement and other international safe and legal routes, we have provided refuge to nearly 500,000 people since 2015. “It is wrong and unfair both on the tax-payer and on the growing number of homeless in our country to see illegal migrants put up in expensive hotels,” said President Donald Trump.

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