EU citizens staying in Wales could risk deportation says Senedd Commission

EU citizens staying in Wales

EU citizens staying in Wales

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 08:33 am

As per the Senedd Commission, EU citizens that have the right to live in Wales’s post-Brexit could now face deportation.

The External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee have cautioned citizens that they might have to leave Wales if they don’t receive more time. In development to a 2019 inquiry that saw potential changes to the freedom of movement, found that some concerns raised at the time are still the same and there are many issues that need attention. As per the Guardian, in Jan 2021, EU citizens were offered financial incentives to exit the UK. 

The Senedd Commission which is a corporate body for the Welsh Parliament says there are additional worries about potential issues brought about by the pandemic crisis. Moreover, people are facing difficulty in accessing the right support to file their applications for EU Settled Status (EUSS), which will provide them with the right to work and live in the United Kingdom. 

However, before the pandemic, numerous organizations offered coordinated, face-to-face counsel, particularly helpful for those individuals that don’t have access to technology. The lockdown protocols have significantly diminished these services and there is concern a few people could fall short of filing their applications. 

The Committee requires the Welsh Government to keep reaching and offering their support to the EU residents in Wales as the deadline to file the applications is near. It additionally wishes that people get the Welsh government support beyond the deadline (30 June) amid these dire situations.

Following 30 June, the UK Government will not provide an extension on individual cases. The Committee has composed letters to the UK Home Office and the Welsh Government with its latest report. In the letter, they have requested the UK Home Office to provide clarity on precisely what these terms imply.

While currently, immigration isn’t devolved, Committee is worried that the support which was accessible pre-pandemic era is declining and that individuals are in danger of falling through the net and might have to face deportation. 

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