Dealing with Video-Call Fatigue While Working from Home During Pandemic

An average day in present times starts with video calling for meetings

Video Calls or VCs have taken place of physical socializing

With the world facing unprecedented times with COVID-19 and the mass working from home while maintaining social distancing, Video Calls or VCs have taken place of physical socializing. An average day in present times starts with video calling for meetings, and ends with socializing with families and friends over video calls. And for people with kids the day is full occupied with classes on video calls. Our whole world is revolving around these VCs as nations are under lockdown during this pandemic.

The video-call fatigue is not just a vague term but a real thing with people confining to a screen for prolonged hours. The mental strain and resulting stress is surging as the country is in third phase of lockdown with prolonged work from home protocol being anticipated.

Keeping a few tips handy can help combat the video-call fatigue, which seems to be there for a long run.

Needing More Focus – Main reason for fatigue

While during physical meetings it is easier to participate with physical cues in place, the video conferencing meetings need the patron to focus more on the words as people are represented by a small screen space. The increased focus required leads to more fatigue in a shorter time frame.

Limit the Fatigue Tactfully

Maintain a schedule for all meetings instead of winging it. Staying on a pattern lets the mind adjust better. Setting a time frame for meetings also helps. Furthermore, it is suggested not to schedule meetings back to back – a small break in between can do wonders in relaxing the mind as well as body. Walk around, do some stretching or just close your eyes during this break to make the most of it.

Stick to Etiquettes

Etiquettes matter during both official meetings and VCs with family and social circles. If everybody talks at the same time, it just leads to no message delivered, more stress and sheer wastage of time. A great tip to combat this situation is to keep your microphone muted when not talking, taking turn to speak and not interrupting anyone. This will let the conversations go on smoothly with no stress due to interruptions in any form.

Moderation is the Key

Pointless VCs with no agenda to talk can make the employees like zombies and wasted time leading to low productivity. Instead meetings and social calls must be in moderation in accordance to everyone’s timeline.

VCs are posing as an essential part of our daily lives as we handle work from home and practice social distancing. Handling the video call fatigue seems to be an essentiality keeping in mind that this fad can be there for a long time.

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