Chicago offers warming buses to migrants; What to expect?

chicago offers warming buses to migrants; what to expect

chicago offers warming buses to migrants; what to expect

Migrants in Chicago have been suffering because of the cold weather. As migrants continue to arrive in Chicago amid harsh weather conditions, the city has been boosting efforts to help migrants. 

As the cold weather settles in, Chicago has introduced new measures to assist asylum seekers and migrants who find themselves exposed to the harsh weather conditions. Chicago will deploy warming buses at various locations to provide shelter to unaccompanied migrants. 

Migrants’ health in Chicago has already suffered due to lack of health care in the city. Their health has deteriorated as the temperature has dropped in Chicago. Migrants sleeping outside, often without blankets, have been suffering because of health issues like common cold, the flu, and other diseases.

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Chicago offers warming buses to migrants

Brandon Johnson, an American educator and politician serving as the mayor of Chicago, announced on Sunday that the city would deploy warming buses to help migrants amid dropping temperature. 

Chicago has collaborated with faith-based leaders to establish emergency shelters. Migrants are currently residing in tents amid the cold weather. Tents are not enough to give protection to migrants against the cold weather.

The authorities have already sent gift cards, hygiene products, and diapers to migrants. The Salvation Army also distributed 500 care packages at the 1st District Police Station to help migrants. 

Major Kendall Mathews of the Salvation Army said, “We know the weather is getting ready to get cold. And when it gets cold outside, a lot of these folks aren’t familiar with the cold weather like we are. So that’s going to take some transition. But we’ll be here to help them as well.”

Meanwhile, St. Louis, a major city in Missouri, has pledged to offer help to 15,000 migrants living in Chicago. Migrants in Chicago will go to St. Louis for work. St. Louis will provide jobs to migrants in order to help them. The Midwestern city will soon take in thousands of migrants from Chicago amid the migrant crisis. Under the Joe Biden administration program, the authorities will serve thousands of migrants.

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