Chicago Issues Emergency Declaration As Migrant Inflow Exceeds Its Ability To Control

chicago issues emergency declaration as migrant inflow exceeds its ability to control

chicago issues emergency declaration as migrant inflow exceeds its ability to control

The third largest city in the US has issued an emergency declaration in response to the migrant inflow overpowering its ability to manage.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – in an emergency executive order issued Tuesday – said she reserves the authority to call on the Governor of Illinois to mobilise the National Guard in order to provide the necessary staffing and logistical support to tackle the emergency.

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Chicago is also requesting the federal and state governments to release the additional funding and resources needed to establish emergency shelters and facilitate resettlement.

Starting August 31, the city in Illinois began receiving a number of buses sent by the border state of Texas, carrying thousands of asylum seekers from Central and South America. And since that time, migrants and refugees have continued to enter the city via different means, including on airplanes, by buses and even on feet, Lightfoot added.

A massive shortage of available space is quite evident, as existing facilities are full to the brim, newly-constructed facilities are full as well, and hundreds of asylum seekers are temporarily housed in police stations, the Mayor further mentioned.

Chicago has learned that the inflow of migrants into the city will not only continue without any reduction in intensity or strength, but will also increase. Since last August, it has seen over 8,000 migrants bused by Texas Governor Greg Abbott cross its borders, with 48 new individuals marking their entry on Tuesday.

Lightfoot has raised concerns over Chicago’s resources being stretched to the breaking point, highlighting the immediate need for extraordinary measures.

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