Cheta Nwanze-Increased emigration could create remittance opportunities for Nigeria in future

increased emigration could create remittance opportunities for nigeria in future – cheta nwanze

increased emigration could create remittance opportunities for nigeria in future – cheta nwanze

Cheta Nwanje, Lead Partner at SBM Intelligence, said the Japan wave currently underway in Nigeria can be seen as both good and bad.

Cheta Nwanje explained that although the trend shows negative results in the short term due to leaving out a skilled section of Nigerians. This would prove to be very beneficial to the economy in the long run through remittances and foreign policy collaboration with politicians of Nigerian blood in the West.

Further adding that while Nigeria has long been an exporter of people for centuries, the trend towards Japan is because the economy is not generating enough jobs.

This could be useful for creating better jobs and remittances in the future, he said:

By looking and saying continually it is important to get a job. In simple way the Japan wave will harm Nigerians. But through transmission it can be a net positive. People are leaving families behind and still have an emotional attachment to Nigeria which is useful in terms of sending money back and building the economy

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It is neither good nor bad. We can take benefits of the growing diaspora as they become more influential, and their policies too. Lets talk about Kemi Badenoch who is in UK parliament. Has Nigeria bothered to engage with him? The UK has just given more preferential tariffs. How can Nigeria take advantage of them are the questions that have to be answered.

The Nigerian government stated that they would choose and continue with one-for-one replacement. They will do this to reduce the distance doctors have to travel and replacements should be at the same level as those who have left.  

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