Leros- A Greek Island Faced Bad,3 Boys, And Woman Died As Migrant Boat Capsizes Off

leros a greek island faced bad,3 boys, and woman died as migrant boat capsizes off

leros a greek island faced bad,3 boys, and woman died as migrant boat capsizes off

The Greek island of Leros faced a dire situation this Sunday when a boat capsized with loaded passengers in it. What followed was misery and many migrants lost their breath. There are 3 boys and a woman among those who died in this accident.

The authorities of the island confirmed this news.

Coast guards of Greece said it had seen a body floating in the sea by a man. After that, forces came into action, and with the help of three ships and one helicopter, they reached the accident point to see the happening.

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And once they reached there, they found a woman’s body and an unconscious boy. The rescue force recovered the bodies of 39 more people from the accident site. Six people came back to the rocky shore.

The Coast Guard said one of the boys who died was found unconscious but was briefly revived at the hospital. The other 2 people who regained consciousness died in the hospital on the evening of Sunday.

3 minors and 2 adults were hospitalized in the afternoon. And the rest were taken to the camp for shelter.

Officials said that the boat was found half-submerged due to strong winds and rain.

Leros is located close to the Turkish coast. Usually, migrants came here by using speedboats as a medium.

It is a bad but not shocking incident as some people are trying to reach Italy despite bad weather.

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