Bangladesh Agrees to Send Skilled Workers to Italy

bangladesh agrees to send skilled workers to italy

bangladesh agrees to send skilled workers to italy

Bangladesh and Italy have agreed to stop people from coming to Italy illegally. 

Under bilateral migration and mobility agreements, Italy has agreed to hire skilled workers from Bangladesh, especially in the construction, shipbuilding, and hospitality industries.

UNB says that the decisions were made at the Political Consultations, which took place on June 7 in Rome.

The Italian side was happy to hear that at the moment, more than 46% of workers coming to Italy under the Flussi Decree are from Bangladesh. Seasonal and non-seasonal workers come to Italy to work.

For the first time ever, Bangladesh and Italy held political consultations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Rome.

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The meetings were led by Masud Bin Momen, who is the Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh, and Riccardo Guariglia, who is the Secretary General of Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Before the Political Consultations, Foreign Secretary Momen and Secretary General Guariglia signed a memorandum of understanding on Political Consultations between the foreign ministries of Bangladesh and Italy.

During the meeting, both countries talked about how much they wanted to strengthen their ties and work together in a variety of areas, such as trade and investment, using technology to help Bangladesh’s textile industry, defence and security, ICT, agriculture, migration, and mobility.

The Italian side thanked Bangladesh for taking in the Rohingyas and promised to keep giving them humanitarian aid and help them go back to Myanmar in a safe, voluntary, and sustainable way.

The Italians also said they wanted to work closely with Bangladesh as a partner in the Indo-Pacific as part of IORA.

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