Company Director Disqualified For Four Years For Immigration Law Violations

company director disqualified for four years for immigration law violations

company director disqualified for four years for immigration law violations

A company director, Balamurugan Packrisami, has been disqualified for a period of four years due to his failure to comply with immigration law. Mr. Packrisami, who was the director of Veeranar Limited, saw his business raided by Home Office immigration officials in 2019. The business was involved in the retail sector, specifically in non-specialized stores with a focus on food, beverages, and tobacco. Additionally, Veeranar was engaged in the retail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery, and sugar confectionery in specialized stores. This article explores the details of the disqualification and the implications of the director’s breach of statutory obligations.


On October 18, 2019, Home Office immigration officers conducted a visit to Veeranar Limited, during which it was discovered that the company had not fulfilled its statutory obligations under The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. The breach involved the employment of an individual who did not possess the right to work in the United Kingdom. Following the visit, Veeranar received a penalty notice from the Home Office in the amount of £10,000, which remains unpaid to date.

Disqualification and Breach of Duty

As the sole person in office as the director of Veeranar Limited at the time of the Home Office visit, Mr. Balamurugan Packrisami was held responsible for the company’s failure to comply with immigration law. The Insolvency Service, after conducting an investigation into the matter, determined that Mr. Packrisami had breached his duties as a director. Consequently, he has been disqualified for a period of four years starting from June 2, 2023.

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The Insolvency Service’s View

According to a spokesman for the Insolvency Service, Mr. Packrisami’s disqualification was a result of his failure to ensure that Veeranar Limited complied with legislative requirements, specifically related to immigration law. By employing an individual who lacked the right to work, the company violated its statutory obligations. The spokesman further mentioned that Veeranar received a penalty notice of £10,000 as a consequence of the breach, which the company has yet to pay.

Implications and Home Office Response

The disqualification of Mr. Packrisami highlights the seriousness of failing to comply with immigration law and the subsequent penalties that can be imposed. By taking action against individuals who neglect their responsibilities as directors, the Insolvency Service aims to enforce accountability and maintain the integrity of the business environment. At the time of this article, the Home Office has been approached for comment on the matter, and their response is awaited.

The disqualification of Balamurugan Packrisami for a four-year period due to his company’s non-compliance with immigration law serves as a reminder of the importance of fulfilling statutory obligations. Employing individuals without the right to work not only violates immigration regulations but also exposes businesses to penalties and disqualification for the directors involved. The case emphasizes the need for directors to exercise due diligence in ensuring legal compliance within their organizations.

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