Bakare said Elections confront ethnic and religious tensions

elections pose ethnic, religious divisions – bakare (1)

elections pose ethnic, religious divisions – bakare (1)

Nigeria : According to Dr. Tunde Bakare, the senior pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, Nigerians will be reminded by the presidential election in 2023 that they have not yet settled the gaps in the regional and ethnic active faults that have existed all across their political history. Bakare’s comments were made about the fact that the election will take place in Nigeria.

According to him, the reason for this is that the supporters of the three top candidates for president, who hail from the three main geopolitical zones in the nation, are fighting with one other.

These statements were made by the preacher on Sunday during his sermon called “State of the Union” which was delivered at his church in Lagos.

The topic of “Closing the Gap Between Politics and Governance” was the focus of the sermon delivered during the service, where it was extensively explored.

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The pastor, who was also critical of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate for the All-Progressives Congress, issued a warning that the type of politics known as “Emi loan” will only suit long-term ambitions.

Bakare didn’t give the politician’s name, but he did make a veiled reference to the APC candidate when he said that the politics of ‘eligibility,’ such as the ’emi lo kan’ politics that insists on one’s turn even if circumstances don’t permit it, is undesirable. Emi lo kan politics insists that one must have their turn even if circumstances do not permit it.

“Politics of privilege also appears as a repeating nomination,” he said, adding that this was done not to serve others but rather to satisfy long-standing personal needs.

As he proceeded, the priest emphasized the following statement: “As we prepare ourselves for the elections in 2023, we are greeted with memory joggers that bring us face to face with the leftover effects of these and other difficult chapters from our history.” When one examines the presidential election in great detail, one cannot help but notice that the polarising forces that have shaped our pathways have collided. This seems to be a warning to us as a country that we have not yet repaired the destroyed foundations. When one examines the election in great detail, one cannot help but notice that the polarising forces that have shaped our pathways have collided.

“First, for the first time in our history, we are confronted with religious and ethnic memory joggers. As a result, in contrast to the First and Second Republics, our political process has generated three top candidates for the presidency rather than just two.

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