Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy, dismisses 8% of the staff



Last updated on February 13th, 2023 at 05:18 am

GoDaddy’s CEO, Aman Bhutani, indicated that 8% of the company’s staff would be laid off due to the macroeconomic environment’s increasingly difficult demands.

Every division and several levels of the organisation are impacted, according to Bhutani in an email to staff members, with most of the affected duties being in the US.

He said that continuing efforts to more thoroughly integrate three of our businesses — Media Temple, Main Street Hub, and 123 Reg — within GoDaddy is also part of the anticipated implications.

In accordance with the recruiting practises in their region, the leadership of the impacted team members asked them to a meeting to go over the specifics of their transition.

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Customers and team members of Media Temple are already aware of the switch to GoDaddy infrastructure as we move to retire the brand, and team members will be invited to a meeting today to outline their next steps, according to Bhutani.

Some 123 Reg roles might not be needed in the long run, and “we will notify any impacted team members by March 1, 2023.”

The corporation is offering the impacted employees a transition package in compliance with local laws and customs.

This will consist of 12 weeks of paid administrative leave with ongoing core benefits coverage in the US.

The CEO of GoDaddy claims that departing team members will also be eligible for expanded healthcare coverage, two additional weeks of severance pay for each year worked (with a minimum of four weeks), as well as outplacement and immigration counselling to help them through the transition.

Over 336 significant organizations have laid off more than 1 lakh tech workers in the first less than two months of the new year, according to layoffs.

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