10 Most Dangerous Countries For Workers in the world

10 most dangerous countries for workers in the world

10 most dangerous countries for workers in the world

Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 09:46 am

When it comes to occupational safety rules, certain nations continue to lag behind. Most firms around the world are required to provide a safe and secure working environment for their employees, but legislation in some nations remains shortsighted and the lack of government monitoring in many others exacerbates the problem. 

A new survey by The Lloyd’s Register Foundation reveals that 19% of the world’s employees have been injured on the job at some point in their life, highlighting the scope of the issue.

The research gathered information from 150,000 people in 142 countries, and it reveals two distinct worlds: in low-income economies, agriculture and fishing are the most dangerous occupations, whereas, in high-income economies, mental health issues stemming from workplace harassment and violence pose the greatest threat. Regarding job dangers, there is a significant gender discrepancy, with 23% of the world’s men reporting a major injury compared to 14% of the world’s women.

34% of farmers, fishermen, and agricultural workers in some of the world’s poorest nations reported suffering a significant injury on the job, making these occupations the most dangerous in the world, followed by construction and manufacturing.

Here are the 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Workers in the World:

dangerous countries workers according to Statista
dangerous countries workers

1. Sierra Leone

The African country that is Sierra Leone is the most dangerous country for workers in the world.

According to the survey, the proportion of critically wounded workers is significantly greater than the worldwide average in some nations, particularly in Africa. Sixty-nine percent of workers in Sierra Leone report being badly wounded in the workplace, the highest incidence of any nation.

2. The Gambia

Second, on the list of most dangerous countries in the world is the country of Gambia. 

In most regions, soil erosion and desertification are exacerbated by deforestation. The adult HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the Republic of Gambia is 2%, which is extremely high compared to the majority of African nations today.

The Gambia can be a difficult area to relocate to for employment. Agriculture is the primary sector, but tourism also gives opportunities. In general, taxation is equivalent to the rest of the region. The healthcare and education systems in the Gambia are inadequate, therefore anyone working there should investigate private options.

3. Malawi

Another dangerous country for workers in Malawi.

It is one of the most dangerous countries in the world because health risks are prevalent in Malawi. People should also maintain vigilance for the likelihood of pickpocketing, especially in regions such as the principal bus stations of Lilongwe and Blantyre.

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4. Myanmar

The civil unrest and armed conflict that persists in Myanmar make it a dangerous country for workers in the world.

Aside from active warfare, health risks are also prevalent across Myanmar because of inadequate healthcare resources. 

5. Liberia

Just like the fourth most dangerous country, Myanmar, Liberia is also famous for its civil unrest and relentless crime. There are numerous cases of armed robbery, particularly in urban areas and on public beaches. 

Sadly, the police of Liberia lack the resources to respond effectively to serious crimes, which is why it is so widespread throughout the country.

6. Uganda

Uganda is also one of the most dangerous countries for workers in the world.

Terrorist attacks continue to be a risk in Uganda and throughout the area as a whole. In 2021, terrorists were responsible for a number of explosions in and around Kampala. Although it appears that the attacks were not directed toward foreigners, any person has the potential to become a victim.

7. Zambia

Although Zambia has comparatively lower crime rates and a more political system, there are still threats of terrorism or ethnic strife.

Pickpocketing and breaking into vehicles are just two examples of the widespread problem of petty crime. After nightfall, there is a rise in the likelihood of encountering a security threat, particularly in tourist destinations and city centers.

8. Ghana

Despite present dangers, Ghana is the least dangerous country for workers out of the eight on this list.

When it comes to finding a job in West Africa, Ghana is consistently ranked as one of the top choices. Because the nation has achieved a high level of economic development and possesses a robust and diversified economy, it is able to provide job opportunities to professionals at all stages of their careers in a variety of industries.

And that’s it! Which country do you think should also be on the list?

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