Work From Home Strategy Leads To More Productive Happy Employees

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productivity has been seen to be much higher amongst employees that are working from home

There are mixed opinions about work life balance and maintaining amidst pandemic induced lockdown and a resulting sense of unrest about dipping economies worldwide. According to Eden McCallum, a UK based consulting firm, productivity has been seen to be much higher amongst employees that are working from home in pandemic times.

Working from home strategy is having a positive impact on the lives of many European professionals, their study revealed. In fact, the study also reveals that many are not looking forward to returning to office setups to work and are happy working from home. According to a survey done by CIL Management Consultants, the current scenario is presenting a complete shift in the attitudes of working professionals when it comes to work and leisure time in their lives. Almost 33% said they expect to work remotely more often than before the coronavirus pandemic, while almost a third expect to save rather than spend wages in preparation for similar situations.

Most of them value personal space and time with family as important as work and are being able to balance both out well, while working from home. In the third edition of the firm’s Covid-19 survey series, researchers found that a majority of European executives and managers have seen productivity increase while their staff worked remotely.

The study and survey has also found out that many feel they are collaborating better staying apart from their colleagues. As many as 62 percent felt their productivity has improved and they are spending quality time at home, because they are not wasting the added hours in commuting and using them more constructively.

The work-from-home strategy is going to become a permanent feature in times to come. This is evident from the fact that across Europe almost 65 percent employers have highlighted that they will continue to encourage remote working.

This kind of style of working is going to actually help in boosting productivity in the long-term. Meanwhile, only 6 percent are currently actively encouraging a return to onsite work, and in response are making changes to workplace layouts to enable physical distancing, and introducing staggered shifts.

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