West Virginia Coca-Cola Workers End Strike, Say Grievances Still Disregarded

west virginia coca cola workers end strike, say grievances still disregarded

west virginia coca cola workers end strike, say grievances still disregarded

Scores of workers at Coca-Cola plants in Charleston and Logan have returned to work after ending a days-long strike.

The president of Teamsters Local 175, Ken Hall, said workers didn’t want to cause problems for customers who are dependent on them, and remain optimistic – despite an absence of noteworthy efforts from a company whose gross profit touched roughly $600 million in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Hall elaborated on certain key details concerning the figures, saying the company made another 23% profit in the first quarter and that it’s paying the CEO nearly $13 million as of last year. “And yet they want to cut [the workers] out of their jobs and out of their pay.”

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He further highlighted a list of grievances the workers have against the company, including using supervisors doing union members’ work and failing to compensate employees for their efforts.

Previously released statements showed Coca-Cola Consolidated saying it has offered the union a fair contract offer and that it is committed to working with the members on an equitable resolution.

The labour dispute had caused intense troubles for the local businesses that rely on receiving products from drivers, Hall added.

In another development, the company recently signed a deal with the gas station Sheetz to directly ship products from warehouses to Sheetz convenience stores. But Hall said the decision doesn’t involve Coca-Cola’s drivers, who were paid commissions for transporting the items.

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