We Should Look to Indigenous People for Guidance in Today’s Troubled World, According to Turk

we should look to indigenous people for guidance in today's troubled world, according to turk

we should look to indigenous people for guidance in today’s troubled world, according to turk

Indigenous people have the knowledge from their ancestors that could help humanity use the Earth’s resources more sustainably, but they are routinely discriminated against and left out, In a statement released on Monday, Volker Türk, the United Nations’ rights chief, expressed his views on a particular matter. 

In a notable address delivered at the annual meeting on the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva, a prominent figure took the stage to share his insights. In a recent statement, the individual highlighted the significant discussions they engaged in with Indigenous representatives during their recent diplomatic visits to Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Kenya. These in-depth conversations shed light on the pressing issues Indigenous communities face in these countries.

In a recent address, the speaker passionately discussed the detrimental impact of extractive industries on both the environment and the rights of Indigenous Peoples. With a disregard for established regulations, the speaker highlighted the alarming consequences of these industries. In a significant development, a community has recently experienced the unfortunate loss of their ancestral land, which holds immense sentimental value as it is the place where they grew up. This distressing situation has been further exacerbated by the alarming militarization of their territories.

In a recent statement, he highlighted the crucial discussions surrounding the detrimental impacts of the climate crisis on their respective communities, as well as the far-reaching implications of systemic discrimination and exclusion.

In a resolute statement delivered during the meeting, the speaker emphasized the urgent need for an immediate cessation of these flagrant violations.

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Unfairness in poverty

According to the International Labour Organisation, Indigenous Peoples make up just over 6% of the world’s population but are responsible for almost 20% of the world’s poor. 

He said their voices need to be heard “in every relevant national, regional, and global conversation” and that Indigenous human rights activists need to be safe from violence and retaliation.

Mr. Türk talked about the “profoundly moving” story of how four Huitoto children who lost their mother in a plane crash in the Colombian rainforest last month managed to stay alive. They were found alive after 40 days. One of them was a baby who was only a year old.

The older children were able to recall the lessons that had been given to them by both their mother and their grandmother. They were aware that it was possible to learn about the rainforest and live among its animals and plants, even though it was dangerous to do so.

He said that Indigenous people were most likely to pass on their culture. He said, “We see this very clearly in the context of climate change,” which has different effects on different people and often hurts those who live closest to the land the most.

He pointed out that this is especially true for Indigenous women, who are hit hard by “climate damage and the unprincipled development of megaprojects.”

Last week, the rights chief met with 45 Indigenous leaders from 30 different countries. He said that climate change came up a lot when they talked. He was told by a Greenlandic participant that as the ice melts, so does their culture and way of life.

He said he hoped that Indigenous Peoples would have more chances to take part in the UN, including in the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“Because you have every right to be heard. Because you have the right to have a say in things that affect you, and you can do that through representatives you choose according to your rules. And because your voices are so important to our work to improve human rights in every way.” 

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