Uncovering the Tragic Incident: A Toddler’s Drowning and the Arrest of Alleged Smugglers in Italy

uncovering the tragic incident a toddler's drowning and the arrest of alleged smugglers in italy

uncovering the tragic incident a toddler’s drowning and the arrest of alleged smugglers in italy

Two people-Smugglers who were on a boat that sank off Lampedusa on July 12 have been taken into custody. A 4-year-old boy died because of the event. Seven people have not been found at sea yet.

Italian police caught two people they thought were smugglers on a migrant boat that sank July 12 near Lampedusa, killing a 4-year-old child. There are still seven people missing, three adults and four children.

The Dattilo coast guard ship saved the group while taking migrants from Lampedusa to Reggio Calabria.

Two young Sierra Leoneans were picked up.

Mohamed C. and Joseph K., who were 19 and 20, were picked up by police on July 19. Two men from Sierra Leone were arrested because they helped and encouraged illegal migration that led to death.

In the end, the Dattilo ship brought about 810 people from central Africa to the southern region of Calabria in Italy. About 500 people were taken from Lampedusa, and another 300 were saved along the way.

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“Smugglers used a larger network.”The arrest warrant said that the men being looked into “used a larger network, working with others on both the Tunisian and Italian coasts and in charge of overseeing the departure and arrival phases.”

C. was arrested when he got to Reggio Calabria, and K. was arrested in Lampedusa, where he stayed for health reasons after the shipwreck.

Investigators say that migrants on the ship recognized the two men, which helped them piece together what happened before the boat sank.

According to the judge in charge of the investigation, the men were charged with transporting about 45 or 50 migrants in a boat that was too small and not built well enough to make the trip with that many people on board.

The arrest warrant said that this was enough to make it very likely that the passengers would die or at least be hurt.

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