U.S. opening migrant facility in San Diego County to help migrants

u.s. opening migrant facility in san diego county to help migrants

u.s. opening migrant facility in san diego county to help migrants

The United States (U.S.) is set to open a migrant facility in San Diego County to help unaccompanied migrants. San Diego County will open an immigrant and refugees facility in North County amid a recent influx of migrants.

What can migrants expect? Will the United States take on more migrants? Can the United States stop the illegal border crossings? What did United States officials say?

U.S. opening migrant facility in San Diego County

The first migrant facility in North County in San Diego County will be opened to help migrants. The migrant facility will help migrants who are planning on staying in San Diego. Migrants can obtain information about resources, housing facilities, medical care, ranging from resettlement to health care, and food aid.

With the help of the new migrant center, migrants will also get humanitarian and employment permits. The authorities will provide valuable information to migrants.

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA) has accepted a $430,529 state grant to establish the migrant center in North County. OIRA also sets aside another $101,000 to offset the cost of the North County center through 2025. 

The County has also collaborated with local aid groups to help asylum seekers. Earlier this month, the county allocated $3 million to nonprofits to help migrants. Migrant workers received transportation, Wi-Fi, food and restrooms, and translation assistance. 

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Migrants in San Diego County

San Diego County is one of eight refugee-impacted counties in the United States. Reportedly, over 20,000 migrants, many of them asylum seekers, have come to San Diego County since 13 September.

A separate temporary migrant center is currently opened at the Iris Transit Station in Otay Mesa to help homeless migrants. It has already served over 600 migrants. 

The US is also set to open a migrant center in Ecuador. Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan and Colombian migrants will get help from the migrant center. With the help of the new center, migrants can apply for legal U.S. entry. 

Earlier, the US also reopened a migrant facility to house unaccompanied migrant children. The site provided help to unaccompanied migrant children who entered the United States without their parents. 

Earlier this month, US President Joe Biden offered legal status to migrant families separated under the Trump administration. Joe Biden promised to reunite migrant families. As part of the settlement, separated migrant families also received health services and medical assistance.

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