The unseen struggles of Pakistan’s railway workers

the unseen struggles of pakistan’s railway workers

the unseen struggles of pakistan’s railway workers

The Pakistani railway workers have been struggling because of non-payment of salaries. The railway workers are in the throes of a silent struggle and borne down by the mounting effects of inflation. Their wages are often docked and the railway workers are barely able to cover their basic needs. 

The Railway Labour Alliance – a representative body of Pakistan Railways employees – has intensified its protests, demanding their salaries. The railway workers have expressed their concerns over the ongoing issue of delayed salary payments.

Railway workers protest against non-payment of salaries

On Tuesday, nearly 400 railway workers disrupted the Rehman Baba Express’s journey from Peshawar to Karachi for more than two hours in protest against non-payment of salaries for two months.

The railway workers stopped the train from Rawalpindi for over two hours. Rehman Baba Express, Hazara Express, Kohat Express and Green Line Express stopped at the Rawalpindi Railway Station because of the railway workers’ protest. 

Thousands of passengers remained stuck at the station because of the protest, which was led by Carriage and Wagon Staff Association of Pakistan Railways office-bearers and the leader of the Railway Labour Alliance, Babar Qadri.

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The plight of the railway workers

During the protest, the railway workers highlighted the critical issue of unpaid salaries. Many railway workers did not receive their salaries for more than two months. 

The delay in salaries caused severe consequences. Many railway workers are unable to meet their basic needs. They are unable to fulfill their financial obligations, including children’s education fees and utility bills.

Babar Qadri said that senior officers received their salaries on time, while lower-ranking railway workers faced payment delays. The railway workers’ families suffered due to hunger and sickness.

The Railway Workers Union also announced their plan to establish a sit-in camp to protest the delayed salaries. After three hours of intense protest, passengers were allowed to continue their journey. 

The Railways divisional superintendent’s office has promised to release the delayed salaries within a few days. 

The railway workers said that if payments are not released on time, trains will be stopped by the workers across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

It is clear that the plight of the railway workers in Pakistan is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. 

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