Top 10 Facts About Work-Life Balance In Germany



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Europe Europe – Germany is one of the best countries for work-life balance. Munich and Stuttgart promote a healthy work-life balance culture. Munich has very low unemployment. The best part is working parents are entitled to 406 days of paid leave.

Facts about work-life balance in Germany

Time is important

Germans are punctual, and they don’t like to waste their time. They always try to complete their work within the deadline. Meetings usually start on time and end on time. This is the best part of the work culture in Germany.

Productivity and efficiency at work

Germans love productivity and efficiency at work. Germans are the most highly trained and productive workers. In the office, they talk less and work more. Everybody contributes to work in any organisation.

Working hours

Daily working hours cannot exceed 8 hours in Germany. The work culture in Germany allows employees to work less and more productively. Employees typically work 34.2 hours per week. In their free time, they can enjoy their life.

Work stays at work

The best part about Germany is that work stays at work. There is a clear line between work and private life. They also don’t work during lunch breaks.

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The most important part of the work culture in Germany is teamwork. Each employee knows their responsibility and they work as a team. This kind of relationship is good for a toxic-free work culture.

Sick employees can stay at home

Employees can stay at home if they are sick. They just have to show a medical note. An employee can also stay at home for up to 10 days a year to take care of her sick child.

Respect for manager

Germans give respect to their managers. They consider managers as their mentors. They talk to the managers about work without any fear. They don’t say any bad words to the manager.

The dress code reflects professionalism

Employees follow the dress code in the office. They don’t wear ripped jeans or tight shirts. They can wear those clothes outside but not in the office.

Flexible timing

If you start work in the morning, you can end your work at 3:00 PM. There’s no fixed time that you have to be at the office till evening. If you start working late, you will end your work late. It depends on the employees.

Working parents can take leave

Working parents can take leave to take care of their children. Employers don’t force them to work if there’s anything important. Parents are entitled to two weeks of paid leave after the birth of the child. These are the 10 facts about work-life balance in Germany.

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