Thousands of women march in Latin America seeking abortion rights

thousands of women march in latin america seeking abortion rights

thousands of women march in latin america seeking abortion rights

Latin America witnessed a huge demonstration on Thursday, with women calling for abortion rights. Tens of thousands of women marched to commemorate International Safe Abortion Day on 28 September 2023.

Women in Latin American countries have fought against strict abortion measures for many years. They have demanded abortion rights for women.

Women march in Mexico

On International Safe Abortion Day, various women marched in Mexico to celebrate the recent decision by the Supreme Court to decriminalize abortions across the country. 

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Mexico decriminalized abortion in a landmark ruling. Women hailed the Mexican Supreme Court for providing a landmark judgment for women’s rights.

Women march in Argentina

In Argentina, women protested against gender-based violence. Women also called for allowing abortion rights to women. Abortion is legal in Argentina, but women still face various obstacles. 

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Women expressed fear on the strength of a populist far-right presidential candidate. According to women rights activists, if Javier Milei wins presidential elections next month, he may ban abortion in Argentina. He has repeatedly described abortion as murder and vowed to ban the procedure.

Women, dressed in green clothes, marched through the Buenos Aires city center, calling for abortion rights.

Women march in Peru

Hundreds of women marched to the Palace of Justice in Lima, the capital of Peru, calling for abortion rights. They urged the authorities to make the procedure legal for women across the country.

Abortion in Peru is illegal even for rape victims. Liz Melendez, leader of a women’s advocacy group, said, “Women are forced to go through with pregnancies that are the result of an odious crime.”

Women march in Chile

Various women also rallied in Chile, calling for abortion rights. In Chile, abortion is allowed only in rape cases or when the preganancy is dangerous to the life of the mother. They urged the authorities to legalize abortion for all women.

Women march in Venezuela

Around 100 women also held rallies in Venezuela. They shouted, “Decriminalise abortion now!” In Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, women also gathered outside congress, calling for women rights.

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