The Killing Of Student Sheds Light On Italy’s Femicide Rate

the killing of student sheds light on italy femicide rate

the killing of student sheds light on italy femicide rate

The killing of a young woman in Italy at the hands of her possessive ex-boyfriend have sparked outrage across the country and cast a spotlight on violence against women. 

Giulia Cecchettin, 22, an engineering student, was killed before her graduation ceremony. Her killing shocked the country and shed light on Italy’s femicide rate. 

According to data from Italy’s Interior Ministry, Giulia Cecchettin was the 102th femicide victim amid femicide epidemic in Italy since the beginning of this year. Around 53 women were killed by their partner or former partner.

However, Cristina Gamberi, a research fellow at the University of Bologna, said that the 106 women were killed in Italy so far this year. 

What happened to Giulia Cecchettin?

Giulia Cecchettin was a young University student. Her body, wrapped in plastic, was found in a ditch near a lake north of Venice. She was reportedly stabbed multiple times. Her body was found after a week-long search. 

Earlier this month, she went to buy her graduation outfit with her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta. However, later on, they disappeared. 

On 11 November, roadside cameras are said to have captured them. In the video, her former partner, Filippo Turetta, was seen hitting her. Her ex-boyfriend put duct tape on her mouth, forced her into his car, and drove her to an industrial area to kill her. After killing her, he wrapped her in black plastic bags.

Her head and neck had at least 20 deep stab wounds. She reportedly died on the night of 11 November. 

Filippo Turetta reportedly killed Giulia Cecchettin because she ended their relationship. He refused to accept Giulia Cecchettin’s decision to end the relationship. 

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Filippo Turetta arrested

After killing her, Filippo Turetta fled from the spot. His car was traced going through northern Italy. Subsequently, he was arrested near Leipzig, a city in Germany. 

Germany approved his extradition to Italy, where he will be taken into custody. He will be questioned by an investigating judge.

Huge protest in Italy

On Saturday, a huge protest erupted across Italy to mark Cecchettin’s killing. The protest coincided with the International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 

Elena Cecchettin, elder sister of Giulia Cecchettin, linked her sister’s killing to patriarchy. She characterized those who commit femicides as the “children” of patriarchy and rape culture.

Elisa Ercoli, director of Differenza Donna, a non-government organization fighting gender-based violence, told the BBC, “In Italy, a woman is killed every three days.”

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