The deadly Israeli strike on a Gaza hospital; What’s the reality?

the deadly israeli strike on a gaza hospital; what’s the reality

the deadly israeli strike on a gaza hospital; what’s the reality

The conflict between Israeli forces and the Gaza fighters are killing civilians everyday. People living in Israel and The Gaza Strip are suffering because of the ongoing conflict. Amid the conflict, an Israeli strike on a hospital in Gaza has killed several people. However, Israel has denied all the allegations. What is the reality? Who killed those innocent people at the hospital? 

The deadly Israeli strike on a Gaza hospital

The Gaza health ministry has said that an Israeli strike at the Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist hospital killed hundreds of people. The Hamas-run health ministry sources told the media that Israeli airstrikes killed at least 500 people on Tuesday.

Israeli authorities have denied all the allegations. Israel said that Hamas rockets misfiring caused the tragic accident. Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson, RAdm. Daniel Hagari, said that Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine was responsible for the tragic incident.

Israel Defence Forces said that Islamic Jihad was behind the failed rocket launch that hit the Al-Ahli Arabi Baptist hospital in Gaza. 

However, Hamas militants said that Israeli shelling killed patients and others at the hospital. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah II condemned the strike at the hospital. Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi blamed Israel and the United States for a strike at the hospital. The World Health Organisation (WHO) said that 115 healthcare facilities in Gaza were attacked. 

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Israel-Hamas conflict

Israel-Hamas conflict started on 7 October. The Hamas attacks saw more than 1,400 Israelis dead and hundreds of people kidnapped. On 7 October, many people were attending the Supernova Sukkot Music Festival on Kibbutz Re’im in Israel. Subsequently, Hamas attacked the gathering and kidnapped at least 260 people, including women and children. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas raped Israeli women. Various women were also taken hostage by the Hamas fighters and paraded down the streets of Gaza. A German woman was also paraded naked by Hamas. 

Moran, a 40-year-old woman, who lives in Israel, said that her friend was raped in the streets of Gaza by Hamas militants. A 25-year-old woman, Noa Argamani, was also assaulted by Hamas.

Last week, US President Joe Biden said that Hamas beheaded 40 babies. He said, “I have confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children.”

A spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that 40 babies were found with their “heads decapitated.”

Israel-Hamas conflict has entered the 12th day.

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