Taliban has decided not to allow women to enter universities: America condemns

taliban has decided not to allow women to enter universities

taliban has decided not to allow women to enter universities

Yesterday, December 20, the United States Department of Foreign State Relations addressed a press briefing. There was a spokesperson named Ned Price, who said that education is a universal human right. He warned the Taliban about the act in which they are harming human rights. During the press conference, the US spokesperson also said that this is an unacceptable act of the Taliban. We will separate them from the world community if they don’t think. 

America condemns!

The US condemns the Taliban’s decision to restrict women and girls in Afghanistan from exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Nec Price said the Taliban’s decision to close secondary schools for girls has had an impact on Washington’s relationship with the Taliban.

The United States Secretary of State Mr. Antony Blinken also expressed his disappointment through a tweet. He said that the Taliban’s announcement of banning women’s university education is completely affecting their human rights. Taliban women deserve better too. The world community needs to get over it.

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Nick Price also said that education is a universal human right and very important for development and stability of the Taliban’s economy. He recalled the Taliban’s promise to reverse the decision and open secondary schools for girls. But now they know that this Islamic State has banned women’s education even in universities.

Therefore, the United States strongly criticizes the Taliban’s act, the implementation of which will lead to the degradation of women’s human rights.

National Security Council Adrienne Watson also put his notable statement by saying the U.S. is in contact with allies on this issue and the U.S. will take further steps to protect t human rights of women & girls in the Taliban.

Note that women in the conservative Taliban get the right to education from the second-last government and can now find jobs in all sectors. But now, these conservative states need to pay attention!

The world has been returning to public flogging and executions of men and women in recent weeks, a cause supported by Islamic Sharia law. The economic crisis in Afghanistan has deepened since the Taliban returned to power.

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