Sponsorship Of 2023 Women’s World Cup By Saudi Arabian Tourism Body Condemned By Human Rights Groups

sponsorship of 2023 women's world cup by saudi arabian tourism body condemned by human rights groups

sponsorship of 2023 women’s world cup by saudi arabian tourism body condemned by human rights groups

Human rights watchdog criticized Saudi Arabia’s tourism body’s decision to sponsor the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, calling it a “textbook case of sports-washing”.

The tournament will begin on July 20 of 2023, and will also feature international brands such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Visa as sponsors. 32 teams are participating in this event.

Saudi Arabia has a history of women’s rights violations, but FIFA approved the deal nonetheless under its new “commercial partnership structure” designed to increase revenue for the women’s game.

The decision is being criticized by many human rights watchdogs in Australia. Football Australia is seeking an explanation from FIFA.

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Minky Worden, director of global initiatives at Human Rights Watch, said it was a shocking disregard for the status of women in Saudi Arabia.

Now Saudi Arabia has removed many restrictions on women, some of them lifting a ban on driving, an oppressive guardianship to allow women to apply for official documents, travel abroad freely, etc. Changed the law.

But it is not true that women are independent or equal to men! Women still ask permission from a male guardian for many rights, for example, to get healthcare.

Arrests of human rights activists and dissidents continue in Saudi Arabia, as you must have seen in the news.

Nikita White Amnesty Australia campaigner also criticized Saudi officials’ human rights record, calling it “horrible” and a “publicity stunt” to diversify the economy.

Women’s World Cup of 2023 hopes to increase the development of the women’s game globally. FIFA recently announced that it had moved the opening match of the Australian phase to the 83,500-capacity Accor Australia Stadium due to high ticket demand.

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