Real-Time Payment Is Available For Bonnysa’s 1,600 Employees

real time payment is available for bonnysa's 1,600 employees

real time payment is available for bonnysa’s 1,600 employees

In Spain, where more and more businesses have chosen to provide flexibility to their workers through Wages on Demand, the process of collecting wages is changing.
This is the case with Bonnysa, one of the industry leaders in the production of fruits and vegetables, which has incorporated a mobile application to enable its employees to receive payment whenever they want.

The group’s human resources division, which is actively looking for benefits and solutions that meet the needs of its employees, took the initiative to include this tool.
Human resources Director at Bonnysa Gloria Llatser says, “We want people to want to be part of Bonnysa, so it’s very important for us to offer them job opportunities that allow them to grow personally and professionally.

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In order to provide our employees and their families with benefits and make sure they are qualified for a variety of services, we have implemented a number of initiatives, including educational opportunities and partnerships with both public and private organisations.
Payflow, a mobile application that enables them to manage their salary privately, instantly, and without any fees due to the company’s contract with the service, is the new social benefit enjoyed by Bonnysa employees.
This eliminates the need for its more than 1,600 employees to wait until the end of the month to receive their paychecks because they will be able to use the portion of it that corresponds to the days already worked through the app to meet any needs that arise throughout the month without going into debt or needing to find another way to access money, like a credit card or loan.
The co-founder of Payflow, Avinash Sukhwani, stated that Bonnysa had a very positive response to their solution. One in three employees already has our app on their mobile device, just two months after its launch.
Payflow has been a very innovative tool that perfectly embodies our mission, and we are thrilled about the tremendous reception it has received from our staff, Llatser continued.

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