Outrageous: Female Workers Strip Searched in Kenya Dairy Factory Over Misplaced Sanitary Pad

outrageous female workers strip searched in kenya dairy factory over misplaced sanitary pad

outrageous female workers strip searched in kenya dairy factory over misplaced sanitary pad

Three senior managers at Brown’s Food Company, a dairy factory in Kenya, have been arrested for strip searching female workers to determine who had put a used sanitary pad in the wrong bin. The incident caused outrage as the women were forced to undress. 

This incident fell into the spotlight when Kenyan Senator Gloria Orwoba took to social media, sharing the outrageous video after receiving some distress calls. She said the quality assurance manager had found a used sanitary towel in one of the bins, which was not meant for the disposal of sanitary towels. 

This caused a stir and the manager gathered all the women and literally asked them to undress. The manager had first asked who the towel belonged to. When no one replied, he ordered a strip search, so that the person responsible could be punished. 

Limuru Police Commander Philip Mwania confirmed that three persons have been arrested. He said investigations are continuing into allegations of misconduct against women working in the company. 

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The Brown’s Food Factory has now suspended the staff and is probing the incident. The company has begun internal investigations to assess exactly what happened, why, and how it can reconcile with the employees who were affected by this distressing unilateral decision of the managers that were on site on the day of the incident. 

The company acknowledged the public outrage and said it was working with Senator Gloria Orwoba to implement a Menstrual Hygiene Management policy. The Brown’s Food Factory, in an attempt to save face, tweeted that it was a women-led business which works hard to provide a working environment that is safe for all employees. The company added that it has apologized to the women involved and now would like to apologize to the wider public.

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