Migrants Can Either Choose Spain Or Death; See Details

migrants can either choose spain or death; see details

migrants can either choose spain or death; see details

In recent months, thousands of migrants reached Spain’s Canary Islands, a seven-island Atlantic archipelago. However, they faced various difficulties in their journey.

In recent months, thousands of migrants departed from Senegal. In July, a group of migrants set off from Senegal for the Canary Islands. They left Senegal, particularly from in and around the Senegal River Valley. Senegal also witnessed a surge in migrant-related deaths. 

Recently, Senegalese navy patrol boat Walo found a boat filled with migrants attempting to reach Spain’s Canary Islands. Walo dispatched armed special forces to inspect the boat, ending migrants’ desperate quest to reach Spain’s Canary Islands. As Senegalese navy tackles sea crossings, the migrants are often left with two choices: Spain or death. 

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Migrants choose between Spain and death

When Senegalese navy patrol boat Walo tried to stop the migrants’ boat, they protested the arrest. A migrant said, “You think you’re going to stop us? We’re going back! We will reach Spain, or we will die.” Migrants shouted that they would reach Spain or die on the spot. 

The search mission of the migrants was conducted by the Senegalese navy, backed up by Spain’s Civil Guard. The joint initiative between Spain and Senegal was launched to curb the record number of migrants braving hundreds of miles of open ocean to reach Spain’s Canary Islands.

All migrants were from the Gambia, including men, 15 women, several children, and a newborn baby. They were offered shelter in the Walo’s cabin. 

Senegalese Walo has intercepted around 4,000 migrants and 30 boats since launching operations in August. 

The migrants generally look to create better lives for themselves and their families elsewhere in Europe. However, Senegal’s plan to tackle illegal migration across the country in the wake of recent migrant deaths affected migrants’ hope to reach Spain. 

According to Migration experts, blocking the flow of migrants doesn’t work to stop illegal migration. 

Migrants reach the Canary Islands 

More than 30,000 migrants have reached Spain’s Canary Islands since the start of this year. More than 50% of this year’s migrant arrivals are from the coastal countries of Senegal or Gambia.

Last month, more than 1,400 migrants reached the Canary Islands. One migrant boat alone carried 321 people. Most migrants arrived from sub-Saharan Africa. 

Spain’s government is willing to spend €50 million on measures to help the Canary Islands manage the entry of migrants by boat. The Spanish government has also introduced an aid package to help unaccompanied migrant children and teenagers. 

In July, Senegal announced a 10-year plan to tackle illegal migration across the country in the wake of recent deaths.

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