UN Funding Cuts Affect Migrant Children’s Education in Rwanda

un funding cuts affect migrant children’s education in rwanda

un funding cuts affect migrant children’s education in rwanda

Rwanda, a country in East Africa, has ten of thousands of asylum seekers. The country is a major host of African migrants. Many migrants living in refugee camps in Rwanda rely on funding in order to live in the country. Migrant children get their education through funding. The United Nations has been the biggest supporter for migrants living in Rwanda.

Cuts to United Nations funding have now affected more than 100,000 migrant families in Rwanda. Children among five refugee camps in Rwanda rely on the UN refugee agency to pay fees for their education. 

Are migrant children at risk? Can funding cuts threaten their education? What can migrant children in Rwanda expect? What did the UN say about the funding cuts?

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Migrant children are unable to get education

Burundian refugee Epimaque Nzohoraho in Rwanda talked about the situation to the media. He said that his son cannot attend class because the United Nations refugee agency had stopped paying for the education. 

Around 553 migrant schoolchildren are expecting to go to boarding schools this year. The school fees for boarding schools in Rwanda is around $80. However, the UN funding cuts will affect their education. They may not be able to go to boarding schools this year.

Funding cuts have already affected the food assistance of these migrant children. Chantal Mukabirori, a Burundian migrant living in eastern Rwanda’s Mahama camp, has said that her four children are going hungry and refusing to go to school because of the funding cuts.

Solange Uwamahoro, another migrant living in Rwanda, said that it’s very hard to get a job as a migrant. Solange Uwamahoro expressed sadness over the situation.

UN funding cuts affect migrant children’s education

Last month, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) announced funding cuts to food, education, shelter and health care. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees hoped to get $90.5 million in aid donations. However, only $33 million had arrived by October. 

Last year, human rights groups protested against children sent off to Rwanda by the UK Home Office. Boris Johnson, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said, “Anyone entering the UK illegally … may now be relocated to Rwanda.”

The funding cut is likely to lower school enrollment.

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