Migrant Teenagers Living In Miserable Condition In France’s Calais

migrant teenagers living in miserable condition in france’s calais

migrant teenagers living in miserable condition in france’s calais

Migrant teenagers are living in miserable conditions in the forest on the northern French coast. Around 130 unaccompanied minors, who fled war, conflict or grinding poverty in the hope of reaching Britain, are facing the consequences of Britain’s new immigration rules. 

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), is under intense pressure from his ruling Conservatives to solve the migrant crisis in Britain. The Prime Minister has taken a tougher stance on the flow of migrants across the Channel, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France, ahead of a general election that is set to be held by January 2025.

PM Rishi Sunak pledged to “stop the boats” from crossing the Channel. However, 29,000 people have already crossed the Channel, hoping to start a new life in Britain.

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Migrant teenagers living in misery in France’s Calais

According to knowledgeable sources and reports, around 1,000 people are currently living rough in and around Calais, a city in France. They are waiting to try to cross the Channel in one of the small boats. 

This also includes 130 migrant teenagers. According to a report by AFP, Khaled, a 17-year-old migrant from war-torn Sudan, lives alone in a wood in Calais. His tent is sinking into the mud and his clothes are filled with dirt, showing no sign of drying. He wants to go to Britain, but he’s had no luck so far. 

The migrant teenager said that he cannot afford “at least 800-1,000 euros” that people smugglers are demanding to take him to Britain by boat.

Niamatullah, a 17-year-old Afghan migrant, told AFP, “Life is hard here, we’re in mud up to our knees and the police keep taking all our belongings.”

French governments have ordered the police to dismantle any new migrant settlements. Migrants wander around the streets in search of a place to sleep. 

Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Doctors Without Borders, said that migrant children and migrant teenagers were suffering from “huge psychological stress” and a deep sense of disillusionment.

MSF psychologist Chloe Hannebrouw said, “There is a gulf between what they expected in Europe and the conditions they find themselves in, in Calais.”

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