Chicago Will Not House Migrants Over ‘Environmental Concerns’, What To Expect?

chicago will not house migrants over 'environmental concerns', what to expect

chicago will not house migrants over ‘environmental concerns’, what to expect

Chicago is halting a plan to open a migrant tent camp in Brighton Park in order to house nearly 2,000 migrants over environmental concerns. Chicago has released an environmental report to highlight that the place would need a clean up of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in order to build a camp.

Jay Robert Pritzker, the 43rd governor of Illinois, rejected Chicago’s plans to build a migrant tent camp in Brighton Park over environmental concerns. J. B. Pritzker said in a statement, “We will not proceed with housing families on a site where serious environmental concerns are still present.”

An environmental report found contaminated soil in Brighton Park, a community area located on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. The environmental review report called for the removal of contaminated soil amid the migrant crisis.

What to expect?

Chicago’s Department of Assets, Information, and Services contracted with Terracon Consultants Inc. to conduct an environmental assessment of Brighton Park. Soil with high mercury levels was found at one spot. The authorities removed it and disposed of it in a landfill.

Chicago officials said that soil with a high level of a semi-volatile compound was also found on the site. It will be removed soon.

Arsenic, lead, and other chemicals were also found at the site. Chicago deemed the site safe for temporary residential use. 

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Construction on the tent site in Brighton Park will begin after addressing environmental concerns. Jay Robert Pritzker said, “My administration is committed to keeping asylum seekers and migrants safe as we work to help them achieve independence.”

According to experts, migrants will move into the camp by mid-December. The migrant crisis will only intensify as winter approaches. 

Last week, Chicago moved migrants out of police stations. Over 1,400 migrants remained outside several other districts. Since August 2022, more than 20,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago. Around 12,281 migrants have taken shelter in 25 migrant facilities across the city. 

As Chicago continues to grapple with this issue, it remains to be seen how the city will balance the needs of its residents with its obligations to 2000 migrants. 

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