School For Migrant Children Opens In Denver; What To Expect From US?

school for migrant children opens in denver; what to expect from us

school for migrant children opens in denver; what to expect from us

Denver, the capital of Colorado, a western U.S. state, has seen nearly 30,000 migrants from the southern border over the past year. More than 2,600 migrants are living in the city’s shelter system. Around 200 migrants are sleeping in tent encampments on the streets.

Mike Johnston, the Mayor of Denver, has made a plea to the Joe Biden administration to allow migrants to work. Amid the migrant crisis, a school for migrant children has been opened in Denver. Non-profit organization has opened ‘ViVe School’ for migrant children living in Denver shelters.

ViVe Wellness will help to educate migrant children while their parents look for work in the city. ViVe Wellness is a non-profit organization that has worked alongside the City of Denver to help migrants since they began arriving late 2022.

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What to expect from the US authorities?

Yoli Casas, the executive director of ViVe Wellness, said, “Children are our future, for me, they are something very special, and we must help them, support them, take care of them, give them the best we can.”

ViVe Wellness opened ViVe school to help migrant children learn English. ViVe School is held at ViVe Wellness that provides education to migrant children.

Currently, the school is able to take about 85 children. However, there are closer to 600 migrant children in shelters. The school aims to teach every migrant child.

ViVe Wellness urged the US authorities and residents to help them in this initiative. The non-profit organization said, “It would be great if you could support us, if you have space where we can create other schools for these children every four or five weeks and prepare them for school, also giving the parents the opportunity to work.”

As of Thursday, there are around 2,775 migrants in Denver shelters. At least 2,000 immigrant students are enrolled in Denver Public Schools.

The Joe Biden administration has allowed migrants who arrived before August 1 to apply for work authorization and temporary legal status. However, newly arrived migrants, including families with migrant children, are living without permanent housing.

Let’s see how the administration tackles the migrant crisis. 

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