Indian Man In US Sentenced For Trafficking Woman, Forced Labor

indian man in us sentenced for trafficking woman, forced labor

indian man in us sentenced for trafficking woman, forced labor

In a huge blow to labor rights and women rights, an Indian man in the US state of Georgia has been sentenced to 57 months in prison for trafficking a woman for forced labor. 

Shreesh Tiwari, 71, an Indian national and legal United States permanent resident, abused a woman. He hired a woman as a maid for the Budgetel Motel in Cartersville, Georgia. He also provided her a room at the motel. However, he forced the woman to perform sex acts with him to stay at the motel.

The Indian motel manager in Georgia sentenced for human trafficking and ordered to pay more than USD 40,000 in restitution to seven people.

What happened to the woman?

The woman had previously experienced homelessness, struggled with a drug addiction and lost custody of her young child. She was helpless. She joined the hotel as a maid. The Indian man provided her with a room. He was aware that the victim was homeless. The man wanted to take advantage of the situation.

The Indian man also promised the woman that he would help her to win custody of her child by providing her with money, an apartment and a lawyer. 

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When she joined the motel, he started abusing her. He discouraged her from communicating with her family and friends. He started sexually abusing her. When she refused to fulfill his demand, the man threatened to evict her from the room he provided. 

Sometimes, he used to lock her out of her room at night without warning. He gave her two options: perform sex acts with him or be homeless. 

Indian motel manager jailed for human trafficking

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division said, “Human trafficking can occur anywhere since traffickers are adept at identifying someone’s vulnerabilities.”

Acting Special Agent in Charge Travis Pickard of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Atlanta said that the man preyed upon the victim’s past and extorted her. 

The man will stay in prison for 57 months. He will also pay USD40,000. 

This case not only represents a victory for the victim and a stern message to potential the traffickers but also serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing need to address issues related to sexual assault and enhance safety measures in the US.

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