Luxury Brands Caught Using Underpaid Workers to Make Expensive Handbags

Luxury Brands Caught Using Underpaid Workers to Make Expensive Handbags

Internationally known fashion firms are in deep water. They have been exposed to hiring workers who are paid relatively small wages to produce their costly handbags. This has angered and upset many people, as women for instance now find it hard to experience a fulfilling life even when they are willing to work.

Who’s Involved?

Big names like Dior and Armani are part of this problem. These are companies that make very fancy and costly clothes and bags. People pay thousands of dollars for their products.

The Shocking Numbers

Let’s look at some examples to understand how bad this is:

  • Dior pays about $57 to have a handbag made
  • They then sell that same bag for around $2,780
  • Armani pays $270 to make a bag
  • They sell it for nearly $2,000

This means these companies are making a lot of money from each bag they sell.

Who’s Making These Bags?

Those who create these costly handbags are most of the time immigrants who do not have the proper documents to work in the country. They are paid extremely low wages and they are often given as little as $2 or $3 per hour. This is much less than the normal wage in Italy where this is however occurring.

How Was This Discovered?

The Italian police were able to learn of this by making a point of randomly visiting factories and workshops. They realized that many workers were employers where they were paid for unfair or inadequate remunerations.

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What the Companies Say

When asked about this, the fashion companies had different responses: 

Armani told them that they never committed any mistake. They said that they know how to prevent evils in their chain of supply (the manufacturers of the products).

Still, Dior has not talked much about the matter at the moment.

The Bigger Problem

This is a bigger problem in Italy referred to as “caporalato.” This is a situation where companies subcontract the recruitment of employees and pay them a relatively small amount of money. Frequently, it occurs in agriculture, but this has recently spread to other industries, including fashion.

What’s Being Done About It?

The Italian police are taking this very seriously:

They are probing four Chinese factory owners of the houses.

Armani’s production company known as GA Operations is monitored for one year to ensure that they act per the law.

Why This Matters

This case depicts a serious issue prevalent in the fashion industry. Most luxury products are very expensive, while those who produce these products are exploited, and paid low wages.

What Happens Next?

It’s not clear yet what will happen to these companies. They might have to pay fines or change how they work. Many people are watching to see if the luxury fashion industry will make real changes to treat workers better.

What Can Shoppers Do?

People who buy expensive fashion items might start asking more questions about how their clothes and bags are made. Some might choose to buy from companies that treat workers fairly, even if the products cost more.

A Wake-Up Call for Fashion

This discovery is like a big alarm bell for the fashion world. It shows that even the fanciest brands might be hiding unfair practices. It’s a reminder that we should think about where our clothes come from and how they’re made, not just how they look.

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