Lightfoot Asks Abbott To Stop Sending More People to Chicago

lightfoot asks abbott to stop sending more people to chicago

lightfoot asks abbott to stop sending more people to chicago

This week, the migrant crisis, which has overwhelmed city services and local volunteer groups, will move on to a new stage.

In a new letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot puts up a red flag because his government is likely to send another wave of migrants to cities across the country, including Chicago.

Lightfoot wants Abbott to stop his plan, which is set to start as soon as Monday. He says that Abbott’s actions are cruel and dangerous. Cities like Chicago might get a lot of new immigrants, which would make a bad situation even worse.

Since August, the Abbott administration has sent more than 8,000 people to Chicago on buses. Lightfoot says that it has used up all the resources and put the city on the edge of being able to get any more.

So, she says she is telling Abbott once more to stop it.

“We simply don’t have enough shelters, space, or resources to take in this many more people,” she wrote in a letter that was made public on Sunday. “I know from what you’ve done that you either don’t see or don’t care about the trauma these migrants have already been through and are still going through because of the humanitarian crisis you’ve made.”

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Since last summer, CBS 2 has been reporting on the situation of migrants in the city. Housing has been one of their biggest worries. Families have gone to CPD stations to get away from the shelters, which are so full.

As Lightfoot gets ready to leave office in two weeks, she offers Abbot a hand and asks him to work with her to find a real solution to the crisis. Some people say it could get out of hand all over the country because Title 42, a policy from the time of the pandemic that let border agents quickly send back millions of migrants without taking their asylum claims into account, is about to end.

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