Leak Negligence Forces Retired GHA Worker To Live In B&B

leak negligence forces retired gha worker to live in b&b

leak negligence forces retired gha worker to live in b&b

A retired woman named Janet Bingham in Glasgow has accused her former employer, the Glasgow Housing Association (GHA), of being slow to fix a leak in her home. The leak has caused her to have to live in a bed and breakfast. 

Janet owns her home, but the pipe that is causing the problem is owned by Wheatley Home Glasgow, which is part of GHA. This means that other plumbers are not allowed to fix the issue permanently. 

Janet first noticed the problem in May and reported it, but after three months with no permanent solution, she moved out of her home for safety reasons. 

She feels that her life has been put on hold because of this situation. Janet has been frustrated with GHA’s response, as she has been begging them to send someone to fix the pipe, but they claim they are not allowed in owners’ homes. 

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Two plumbers from building services have looked at the pipe and said it needs to be replaced from bottom to top. Despite outside contractors attempting to fix the problem, the leak continues to ruin the walls of the property. 

Janet has had to use dehumidifiers to constantly dry the walls. She worked for GHA for 21 years and says that dealing with this problem has been a strain. 

After the Glasgow Times got involved, a section of Wheatley Group called Lowther contacted Janet and informed her that the full pipe in the building will be fixed. 

Lowther claims they have been in constant contact with Janet throughout the process and that a new water pipe will be fitted later in the week to solve the problem.

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