Layoffs But Resume Professionals Continue Offer Services

layoffs but resume professionals continue offer services

layoffs but resume professionals continue offer services

Since January 2023, the majority of US technology companies have been laying off employees. Crunchbase’s most recent count indicates that “more than 146,192 workers at U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off in mass job cuts so far in 2023.”

As an example: Job layoffs typically occur when there isn’t enough work to support a full staff. These terminations can either be permanent (often done to save money) or temporary. Furthermore, a mass layoff happens when a sizable portion of a company’s workforce is quickly eliminated, frequently as a result of challenging economic conditions.

Several companies—particularly those in the e-commerce sector—virtually quadrupled their workforce to meet customer demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s required stay-at-home policies. They now realise, though, that they have too many employees for the economy as it is.

According to the report, Microsoft laid off about 10,000 employees, Facebook’s parent company Meta continues to lay off workers, and Alphabet, the company that owns Google laid off about 12,000 people. Tens of thousands of jobs were affected by the largest layoffs in the last two years, which were carried out by these tech companies and Salesforce. Even though these numbers are alarming, as of the beginning of April 2023, the total number of layoffs at these organisations only accounts for 8% of all new hires brought on by the pandemic.

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In light of this, top-rated resume writing company Resume Professional Writers (RPW), which employs qualified resume writers who are also career coaches, continues to provide services that can aid job seekers with their employment needs. As previously mentioned, those who were fired by their employer are always welcome to contact RPW for support.

RPW is fully committed to assisting those who have been laid off by providing their resume writing service, federal resume service, LinkedIn profile writing service, CV writing service, and more due to the ongoing mass tech layoffs. With the help of these services, job seekers can step up their application efforts and weather the recent tech layoffs.

Concerning Professional Resume Writers

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