Korea-Complaints Regarding Mnet’s “Boys Planet” ranking

korea complaints regarding mnet's 'boys planet' ranking

korea complaints regarding mnet’s ‘boys planet’ ranking

On Thursday, the Korea Communications Standards Commission announced that complaints regarding various controversies surrounding Mnet’s idol competition programme “Boys Planet” had been received, including claims of tampering with the voting process.

11 complaints had been filed concerning “Boys Planet” as of that day- In Korea

The Korea Communications Standards Commission will review the complaint’s details before determining whether to include it on the meeting’s agenda.

The Truth Commission, made up of viewers who accused Mnet of manipulating its past audition programme “Produce Series,” also claimed to have petitioned the Korea Communications Standards Commission the day before.

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The Truth Committee has raised concerns about allegations that it abused its broadcasting authority to give particular competitors preferential treatment, that the metrics used to determine various rankings were not transparently disclosed and were crucial competition criteria, that votes were rigged, and that it supported competitors in subsidiary affiliates.

On this day, the final live broadcast of “Boys Planet” will take place.

It is obvious that there are still many issues to be resolved regarding the fairness and accuracy of such rankings in light of the complaints that were made against Mnet’s “Boys Planet” ranking. To make sure no one is being unfairly judged or subjected to discrimination, more research into these allegations is required. We sincerely hope that this issue can be resolved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction so that we can continue to have faith in the objectivity of Korean media.

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