Kerala’s Underground Embalming Racket Takes Advantage of Grieving Migrant Workers’ Families

keralas underground embalming racket takes advantage of grieving migrant workers families

keralas underground embalming racket takes advantage of grieving migrant workers families

Last updated on January 14th, 2024 at 02:50 am

In a Disturbing Revelation, an illegal embalming network has been exposed in Kerala, targeting the deceased Bodies of migrant workers and Exploiting the grief-stricken families. Contrary to existing Regulations, which grant sole authority to the anatomy department of government hospitals for post-mortem procedures and embalming, agencies are engaging in unauthorized Practices under the guise of ambulance Services.

Severe staff Shortages in hospitals have created a window of Opportunity for these unscrupulous agents as Staff rarely Conducts embalming after 3 p.m. Exploiting this Vulnerability, agents entice the families of the Deceased by Promising expedited Procedures, sparing them the agony of waiting until the next Day.

Reports point to Ernakulam-based agencies orchestrating this racket, operating 24-hour embalming centers in Ernakulam, Kottayam, and Kollam. Charging exorbitant fees, around Rs 30,000, including airfare up to Rs 9,000, these agents facilitate the transportation of bodies from Manjeri Medical College to West Bengal after an unauthorized embalming process and the issuance of questionable certificates.

The mystery deepens as it remains unclear how embalming is conducted in the middle of the Night and Certificates issued by Doctors are handed over to Grieving families. The agents Strategically Position themselves near Mortuaries across the State Compounding the issue.

It’s noteworthy that government Hospitals charge a mere Rs 300 for embalming, emphasizing the stark contrast in pricing and the exploitative nature of this illegal network. Furthermore, questions arise about the authenticity of certificates issued by private hospitals, as IndiGo Airlines, for example, requires specific documentation for transporting deceased bodies.

Health officials emphasize the illegality of such Practices, Urging adherence to proper procedures supervised by District Labour Officers. The revelation sheds light on the urgent need for enhanced oversight and Stringent measures to curb these exploitative activities that victimize Vulnerable migrant Workers’ families during times of Grief.

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