Human Rights Report Exposes Iranian Government’s Brutality

human rights report exposes iranian governments brutality

human rights report exposes iranian governments brutality

The situation in Iran is very concerning, especially after what happened a year ago. In September 2022, a woman named Mahsa Jina Amini died while she was in the custody of the morality police. 

This caused a lot of protests across Iran. People were upset because they felt that the government was too strict, especially about how women should dress (always in Burqa & Hijab) and behave.

Human Rights Watch, an organization that looks at how countries treat their people, has released a report saying that the Iranian government is still being very harsh on people who don’t agree with them. 

They are punishing women who don’t follow the dress code, like wearing a hijab, and even businesses that don’t make sure women follow these rules.

The report says that the government has been very tough on the protesters. They have killed hundreds of people, including children, and arrested thousands in several protests in Iran. 

They have also been accused of torturing people who they have arrested. The government isn’t investigating these actions properly, and they are putting pressure on families who have lost loved ones.

Human Rights Watch also mentioned that many people in Iran are unhappy with their government. They feel that the government is not fair and is too controlling. This is causing a lot of anger and frustration among the people.

Apart from this, the Iranian government has been very strict with journalists, activists, and different ethnic and religious groups. 

Many of these people are in jail for a long time after trials that were not fair. Some people who were arrested during the protests have died in mysterious ways.

Before the anniversary of the protests in Iran, the government tried to stop people from speaking out. They arrested and put on trial many activists, artists, lawyers, and even family members of those who were killed last year.

The report also talks about how the Iranian government has increased the number of executions. They have been giving death sentences to protesters for reasons like damaging public property or hurting others. 

Some of these trials were not fair, and the accused did not get to choose their own lawyers. The situation in Iran is very serious, with the government being very tough on any kind of opposition or protest.

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