Iranian Mother’s Unending Grief: Jailed For 13 Years After Son’s Death

iranian mother’s unending grief jailed for 13 years after son's death

iranian mother’s unending grief jailed for 13 years after son’s death

A mother in the Islamic Republic of Iran is suffering because of the Iranian authorities. She has been sentenced to 13 years in prison by an Iranian court without any crime. The Iranian legal system has affected the lives of people, especially women. 

Mahsa Yazdani, a mother in Iran, demanded justice for her child, who was killed by Iranian authorities. Her 20-year-old son Mohammad Javad Zahedi was killed after being shot repeatedly at close range by the Iranian security forces during protests in September 2022. After his death, the mother has repeatedly demanded justice for Mohammad Javad Zahedi. Mahsa Yazdani, the mother of Mohammad Javad Zahedi, suffered for allegedly demanding justice for her son. 

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Iranian mother jailed for 13 years

The Iranian mother was sentenced in the Revolutionary Court of Sari in northern Iran. She was convicted on charges of blasphemy, insulting sanctities, endangering state security, insulting the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, and spreading anti-regime propaganda.

Hengaw Human Rights organization and Mahsa Yazdani’s family members said that she has been sentenced to 13 years in prison. The woman will serve the first five years with no chance of parole. 

Her only crime was to demand justice for her son. The mother was sentenced to 13 years in prison because she publicly condemned the Iranian regime’s attacks on protesters and called for justice for her son. 

Mitra Zahedi, the daughter of Mahsa Yazdani and the sister of Mohammad Javad Zahedi, took to Instagram to condemn the Iranian court’s decision. Mitra Zahedi said, “What will happen to my three-year-old brother? Who is responsible for all this injustice?”

The Center for Human Rights in Iran said, “We strongly denounce the disgraceful sentencing of Mahsa Yazdani, a grieving mother seeking justice for her son.”

In July, Iran jailed prominent activist held during Mahsa Amini protests in September 2022. A notable activist and journalist Golrokh Iraee was sentenced to five years in prison, who was detained at the start of a protest movement.

Toomaj Salehi, an Iranian hip hop artist or rapper mostly known for his protest songs against the policies of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, had also been jailed for six years and three months. 

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