Inside the Unique Interview That Landed a Job at Amazon

jeff bezos offered amazon employees usd 5,000 to quit; here's why

jeff bezos offered amazon employees usd 5,000 to quit; here’s why

Last updated on November 20th, 2023 at 06:07 am

In a rare revelation, Ann Hiatt, a former Amazon worker, recently shared the captivating story of her job interview with Jeff Bezos in 2002. This glimpse into the early days of Amazon unveils not only Bezos’s unique approach to hiring but also sheds light on the qualities he valued in potential employees.

Hiatt, a Washington native, applied for a junior assistant position at Amazon with no relevant experience or connections within the company. Surprisingly, she landed an interview that ultimately led to a final meeting with Bezos himself.

What are the Two Questions Bezos Asks During Job Interviews 

During this pivotal interview, Bezos informed Hiatt that he would ask her only two questions. The first, a mental challenge, required her to estimate the number of panes of glass in the city of Seattle. This seemingly whimsical question turned out to be a test of her problem-solving skills and ability to think critically.

As Hiatt grappled with the question, Bezos guided her through the process, emphasizing the importance of considering various contexts where glass is present. From homes to public spaces, workplaces, and educational settings, they navigated the complexities together. Hiatt’s thoughtful analysis and accurate estimation showcased her analytical skills.

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Upon completion, Bezos, satisfied with her response, posed the second and final question: “What are your career goals?” Hiatt, recognizing Amazon’s innovative environment and the dedication of its employees, expressed her desire to challenge herself, learn from her colleagues, and grow alongside the company.

Bezos, seemingly more interested in her ability to meet challenges and display bravery than traditional qualifications, offered Hiatt the job on the spot. This unconventional hiring approach highlighted Bezos’s emphasis on qualities such as critical thinking, ambition, and a willingness to tackle challenges head-on.

Looking back, Hiatt reflects on how Bezos’s questions weren’t just about the answers but served as a test of her bravery and readiness to confront the unknown. These qualities, she believes, played a crucial role in her success at Amazon.

This anecdote provides a rare glimpse into the mindset of Jeff Bezos during the early years of Amazon and underscores the significance of qualities beyond traditional qualifications in the hiring process.

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