Indians Earning More Money Working Abroad By 120%; Report

indians earning more money working abroad by 120%; report

indians earning more money working abroad by 120%; report

The World Development Report found that the income of Indians working abroad has increased by almost 120%. 

Internal migration has caused a 40% increase in this. According to the study, low-skilled Indian immigrants to the US earn an average of 500% more money.

However, those who migrate to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations like Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain are probably earning less money. Benefits are significantly higher for highly skilled workers like engineers and doctors. Earnings for low-skilled workers have also increased.

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According to the study, there are 37 million refugees and 184 million migrants worldwide. It divides migrants into four groups: economic migrants with in-demand skills, refugees, distressed migrants, and refugees with in-demand skills. The cost of migration for Indians moving to Qatar consumes two months of their income. Additionally, moving to Kuwait is somewhat expensive. According to the study, Indian expatriates in the UAE give their families 70% of their income.


This report on the increase in earnings of Indians working abroad is a testament to the hard work and dedication of these individuals. It also serves as a reminder that India’s economic outlook is improving, which bodes well for the future of our country. We must continue to strive for greater success and prosperity for all those who are willing to take advantage of opportunities outside their home countries. With more people having access to better wages, we can look forward to a brighter future ahead!

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