In Muzaffarnagar, A Retired Dalit Inspector of The PAC Was Killed By a Shovel

in muzaffarnagar, a retired dalit inspector of the pac was killed by a shovel

in muzaffarnagar, a retired dalit inspector of the pac was killed by a shovel

A fearless attacker in the Muzaffarnagar district killed a retired Dalit PAC sub-inspector with a shovel. 

The attack occurred while retired inspector Garibdas was conversing with the shopkeeper while sitting at a table in a store. The attacker continued to attack simultaneously until the bleeding Garibdas collapsed to the ground.

The attacker used the shovel nine times during this time, not just one or two. The CCTV camera outside the store was recording the entire incident.

The accused brought a shovel to the police station after committing the crime. where he turned himself in to the police and admitted his guilt, after that, the police arrived on the scene and, with the assistance of the villagers, took the retired inspector who was bleeding to the hospital for treatment. The medical professionals sent the injured to Meerut due to their critical condition.

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The incident occurred in the Sikheda village area near the Sikheda police station. On Thursday afternoon, retired Dalit inspector Garibdas from the PSC was seated at a pesticide store in the village. He was deep in a discussion with the shop owner. At the same time, villager Zarif Ansari attacked him with a shovel after entering the store. 

Zarif, the assailant, persisted in attacking until Garibdas passed out. 

Not once, not twice, but nine times intermittently, the attacker Zarif attacked Garibdas with a shovel during this. He then arrived at the Sikheda police station, leaving the accused, Zarif Garibdas, bleeding to death on the scene. where he turned himself into the police and admitted his guilt. The CCTV camera installed at the store recorded the entire incident of this deadly attack. which later gained popularity on social media.

However, when the police arrived, the villagers assisted them in helping to admit the hurt Garibdas to the hospital for treatment. The doctors sent him to Meerut after observing his serious condition. 

The accused Zarif admitted during a police interrogation that his wife was having an illicit relationship with Garibdas. 

He has committed this incident as a result.

Anoop Chaudhary, the village chief of Sikheda, said that a person by the name of Zarif Ansari attacked Garibdas with the intent to kill him concerning this incident. With a spade, they first twice threw Garibdas to the ground before striking him in the neck. The injured person is now a patient at Anand Hospital. The situation is very grave. His skull has fractured.

Before this, no one had ever witnessed a dispute between Zarif and Garibdas, according to Pradhan. However, a suspect, in this case, has been taken into custody by police. when one is evading. There may be 2 or 3 parties involved in this case.

According to SP City Satyanarayan Prajapat, a second villager they have attempted to kill the retired inspector in the Thana Sikheda area.

The injured were taken to the hospital right away by the police. His treatment is currently ongoing. On behalf of the relatives of the victim, a case has been filed under Tahrir. The police have detained the alleged attacker. He is being questioned. At the beginning of the interrogation, the accused did not provide a specific justification for the attack. He will be thoroughly questioned, and any information discovered will be discussed.

End Note-

The story of the retired Dalit PAC sub-inspector being murdered by an attacker in Muzaffarnagar is a tragic one. It serves as a painful reminder that even after retirement, people can still be unsafe. We must take steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur again in our society and actively work towards creating an environment where everyone feels safe and secure. This terrible incident should push us all to strive for better security measures so that similar tragedies can never happen again.

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