Human rights in Algeria calls for strict compliance with anti-Coronavirus regulations

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The National Council for Human Rights in Algeria called responsibility and strict observance of the instructions issued by the country’s authorities and by the World Health Organization on combating the Corona virus.
The Council affirmed – in a statement – the necessity of adhering to the rules of domestic quarantine, social separation, continuous hygiene, and the use of precautionary measures and taking all measures of protection and prevention to limit the spread of the epidemic, and said that they are “important and essential tools for preserving the right to life, which is the most sacred of human rights.” We will not be able to enjoy the rest of the civil, political, economic, social and cultural human rights. “

The statement said that “the citizen’s right to health care is a human right and is matched by the state’s duty and responsibility to provide the necessary conditions for preventing and treating diseases.” The Council called on various civil society organizations to engage in the endeavors of public authorities to provide various types of assistance to all citizens, especially marginalized groups, He also called on all authorities to enable and facilitate the task of civil society in carrying out its responsibilities to provide support in its various forms.
The Council paid tribute to the doctors, all health sector workers, civil protection men and the various security agencies who work towards health, security and people’s safety.

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