Hua Chunying says ‘US Embassy in China is busy sabotaging bilateral relations over baseless remarks’

Hua Chunying

Hua Chunying

Hua Chunying: The US Embassy in China is busy spoiling bilateral relations by publishing baseless remarks against China instead of improving it, states Chinese Foreign Minister’s representative Hua Chunying in a press conference.

Hua’s remarks came in response to the US government office’s retweet of Acting Assistant Secretary for US Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Michael G Kozak’s Saturday post, which blamed the Chinese fleet for affecting economies and livelihood around the globe. 

In the tweet, Kozak criticized China for directing an unauthorized harvest of cucumbers, saying “every kilogram of illegally collected sea cucumbers can deprive a local fisherman livelihood of $800.”

“We heard from the local authority that it’s not cucumbers that Chinese fishing vessels are aiming to catch, and China has not heard of any Chinese permitted to direct a particularly illegal crop.” 

China holds zero-tolerance against any breach of laws against deep water fishing vessels while executing severe management of coastal fisheries, and reinforcing global partnership, Hua stressed. 

She stressed that China is a dependable fishery nation, sticking to the green and sustainable progressive path and giving significance to scientific conservation and sustainable use of fishery assets. China has been stepping up to work with the international community against unreported, illegal, and unchecked fishery exercises. 

Chinese officials will examine reports about the conceivable unlawful fishing of individual ships and have ordered an investigation into the matter, Hua added.

If you have information that China’s fishing vessels are occupied with illicit fishing then please inform the related Chinese officials and if it’s ascertained then China will take action against those vessels, she added. 

Moreover, we additionally urge the US to stop political manipulation and sabotaging relations among China and various important nations, she added. 

As per the Council on Foreign Relations, the US-China relations have sharply crumbled in 2020, following three years of consistently declining under the Trump government. From trade war to last year’s blame game over the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. The new U.S. President-Elect Joe Biden will have to tackle these challenges when he takes office.

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