Former Dancers File Lawsuit Against Lizzo Alleging Hostile Work Environment

former dancers file lawsuit against lizzo alleging hostile work environment

former dancers file lawsuit against lizzo alleging hostile work environment

Three former dancers have filed legal action against Grammy-winning artist Lizzo, her dance captain, and her production company, alleging sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment. 

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, includes nine charges that fall under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. 

The dancers claim that Lizzo and her team pressured them into unwanted sexual situations, engaged in weight-shaming, and failed to prevent religious and sexual harassment at work. 

The dancers also assert that their employment was precarious, leaving them feeling compelled to comply with uncomfortable requests to avoid losing their jobs.

This situation highlights a potential disconnect between Lizzo’s public image of self-acceptance and body positivity and the reported behind-the-scenes culture in the music industry. 

Despite Lizzo’s promotion of love and self-acceptance, the allegations of the plaintiffs paint a different picture.

The issue is now set to play out in both the legal system and on social media. This situation resonates with the experiences of many arts professionals, including musicians, in Australia.

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These artists from the music industry in 2022 were victimed of sexual harassment and bullying. Women and marginalized communities were found to be most affected.

In response to these concerns, the Australian government established the Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces, tasked with improving pay, safety, and welfare in the arts sector. 

The country’s legal obligations stipulate that organizations must take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment and create a respectful work environment, regardless of any complaints or allegations.

The case also highlights the importance of defining the workplace beyond just the physical location of work. For touring musicians, the concept of a workplace extends to various settings, including stages, music venues, work-related gatherings, and social events.

All workers, including those who perform in the arts and entertainment industry, also deserve safe and equitable workplaces, and they must be free from harassment and discrimination. 

Australia must remember that organizational culture, leadership, and clear communication are some of the most essential components in fostering a positive workplace environment.

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