Desk-bombing: Why Gen Z Loves Going To Office

desk bombing why gen z loves going to office

desk bombing why gen z loves going to office

Desk-bombing is a new workplace trend adopted by Gen Z employees. The 18-25-year-olds love going to the office because of desk-bombing. The workers want to achieve a healthy work-life balance by adopting this new trend. 

Many employees want a hybrid two or three-day workweek in the office and the other days at home. The battle between going into an office or working from home has been going on for a while. Amid this, Generation Z or Gen Z workers have adopted a ‘new’ workplace trend called ‘desk-bombing.’ 

What is desk-bombing? Can this trend help workers to achieve work-life balance? Why do Gen Z workers love this new workplace trend?

What is desk-bombing?

The trend of ‘desk bombing’ is where workers randomly approach each other’s desk to ask work-related questions or start a healthy conversation. This trend eradicates a toxic work environment as employees engage in a healthy conversation. Those employees are known as ‘desk-bombers.’

Employees engage in desk-bombing to have impromptu conversations. Gen Z workers have experienced desk-bombing and find it useful to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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Can ‘desk-bombing’ lead to work-life balance?

Some employees said that they practiced ‘desk-bombing’ to achieve a healthy work-life balance. During ‘desk-bombing’, they do less work and more talk. After desk-bombing, they are able to focus on their work more effectively. 

According to recent data from LinkedIn, 62 per cent of respondents in India see desk-bombing as a great way to have work-life balance.

In this trend, employees could exchange banter with their colleagues about their work and personal lives. They feel included in a workplace community. Gen Z workers love human interaction at their workplace.

Previously, employees started various trends to achieve work-life balance. They practiced trends like quiet quitting, conscious quitting, bare minimum mondays, and coffee badging. The employees are adopting coffee badging trend to protest Return-To-Office mandates. In this trend of ‘coffee badging’, employees come to work just to show their faces. They grab a cup of coffee and talk among coworkers. 

Gen Z employees have also been embracing “Conscious Quitting” in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Many Gen Z workers are turning their back on companies that do not align with their values. The conscious quitting trend leads to a healthy work-life balance.

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