Chicago Mayor Files Lawsuit Against Companies Transporting ‘Rogue Buses’ Of Migrants

chicago mayor files lawsuit against companies transporting 'rogue buses' of migrants

chicago mayor files lawsuit against companies transporting ‘rogue buses’ of migrants

Brandon Johnson, the Mayor of Chicago, has launched dozens of lawsuits against “rogue” bus companies for transporting migrants from the southern border to the city.

Amid Chicago’s migrant crisis, Brandon Johnson has begun filing dozens of lawsuits against companies transporting buses of migrants. Johnson’s administration wanted to stop the transportation of migrants.

According to a report by Chicago Tribune, the lawsuit against what it has described as “rogue buses” transporting migrants was aimed at addressing the influx of new arrivals of migrants.

What’s the controversy?

In recent weeks, Republican governors have sent buses of migrants to Democrat-controlled states and sanctuary cities in order to address the migrant crisis. 

However, Johnson’s administration filed lawsuits against those behind the transportation of migrants. The lawsuits addressed 77 buses, accused of violating the rules, and public records showed that at least some cases were seeking fines against the bus companies.

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Mayor’s office spokesman Cassio Mendoza slammed “rogue and uncoordinated” buses. Mayor’s office spokesman said that the buses were endangering the lives of migrants. 

Cassio Mendoza accused Texas of violating all safety measures that Chicago has put in place. Mayor’s office spokesman Cassio Mendoza said that Chicago “continues to welcome asylum-seekers and migrants but the city cannot efficiently shelter migrants when bus companies, contracted by Texas, flagrantly violate all safety measures that the city has put in place.”

Chicago’s crackdown on buses

Chicago announced it would crack down on buses in mid-November to address the migrant crisis. The city made rules for when and where buses could drop off migrants. 

The mayor’s office has now imposed a fine on owners up to $3,000. City officials also said they would begin issuing notices to migrants and asylum-seekers at city-run shelters.

In October, Brandon Johnson said that the city would deploy warming buses to help migrants amid dropping temperatures. As migrants continue to arrive in Chicago amid cold weather, the city increased efforts to help migrants. 

Recently, Jay Robert Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, also rejected Chicago’s plans to build a migrant tent camp in Brighton Park over environmental issues.

As Chicago continues to grapple with the migrant crisis, it remains to be seen how the city will balance the needs of its residents and migrants. 

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